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TV series 1955-1965 | crime, drama, mystery, thriller | status: cancelled/ended

enhanced/improved (50s-60s) black & white video quality

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S01E01 Revenge

S01E02 Premonition

S01E03 Triggers in Leash

S01E04 Don't Come Back Alive

S01E05 Into Thin Air

S01E06 Salvage

S01E07 Breakdown

S01E08 Our Cook's a Treasure

S01E09 The Long Shot

S01E10 The Case of Mr. Pelham

S01E11 Guilty Witness

S01E12 Santa Claus and the 10th Avenue Kid

S01E13 The Cheney Vase

S01E14 A Bullet for Baldwin

S01E15 The Big Switch

S01E16 You Got to Have Luck
S01E17 The Older Sister
S01E18 Shopping for Death
S01E19 The Derelicts
S01E20 And So Died Riabouchinska

S01E21 Safe Conduct

S01E22 Place of Shadows

S01E23 Back for Christmas

S01E24 The Perfect Murder

S01E25 There Was an Old Woman

S01E26 Whodunit

S01E27 Help Wanted

S01E28 Portrait of Jocelyn

S01E29 The Orderly World of Mr. Appleby

S01E30 Never Again

S01E31 The Gentleman from America

S01E32 The Baby Sitter

S01E33 The Belfry

S01E34 The Hidden Thing

S01E35 The Legacy

S01E36 Mink

S01E37 Decoy

S01E38 The Creeper

S01E39 Momentum


S02E01 Wet Saturday

S02E02 Fog Closing In

S02E03 De Mortuis

S02E04 Kill with Kindness

S02E05 None Are So Blind

S02E06 Toby

S02E07 Alibi Me

S02E08 Conversation Over a Corpse

S02E09 Crack of Doom

S02E10 Jonathan

S02E11 The Better Bargain

S02E12 The Rose Garden

S02E13 Mr. Blanchard's Secret

S02E14 John Brown's Body

S02E15 Crackpot

S02E16 Nightmare in 4-D

S02E17 My Brother, Richard

S02E18 The Manacled

S02E19 A Bottle of Wine

S02E20 Malice Domestic

S02E21 Number Twenty-Two

S02E22 The End of Indian Summer
S02E23 One for the Road
S02E24 The Cream of the Jest
S02E25 I Killed the Count (1)

S02E26 I Killed the Count (2)
S02E27 I Killed the Count (3)
S02E28 One More Mile to Go
S02E29 Vicious Circle

S02E30 The Three Dreams of Mr. Findlater
S02E31 The Night the World Ended
S02E32 The Hands of Mr. Ottermole

S02E33 A Man Greatly Beloved

S02E34 Martha Mason, Movie Star

S02E35 The West Warlock Time Capsule

S02E36 Father and Son

S02E37 The Indestructible Mr. Weems

S02E38 A Little Sleep

S02E39 The Dangerous People


S03E01 The Glass Eye

S03E02 The Mail Order Prophet

S03E03 The Perfect Crime

S03E04 Heart of Gold

S03E05 The Silent Witness

S03E06 Reward to Finder

S03E07 Enough Rope for Two

S03E08 Last Request

S03E09 The Young One

S03E10 The Diplomatic Corpse

S03E11 The Deadly

S03E12 Miss Paisley's Cat

S03E13 Night of the Execution

S03E14 The Percentage

S03E15 Together

S03E16 Sylvia

S03E17 The Motive

S03E18 Miss Bracegirdle Does Her Duty

S03E19 The Equalizer

S03E20 On the Nose

S03E21 Guest for Breakfast

S03E22 The Return of the Hero
S03E23 The Right Kind of House
S03E24 The Foghorn
S03E25 Flight to the East

S03E26 Bull in a China Shop

S03E27 Disappearing Trick

S03E28 Lamb to the Slaughter

S03E29 Fatal Figures

S03E30 Death Sentence

S03E31 Festive Season

S03E32 Listen, Listen. . . !

S03E33 Post Mortem

S03E34 The Crocodile Case

S03E35 A Dip in the Pool

S03E36 The Safe Place

S03E37 The Canary Sedan

S03E38 The Impromptu Murder

S03E39 Little White Frock

Wordt vervolgd, to be continued....

brief summary:
Series of unrelated short stories covering elements of crime, horror, drama and comedy about people of different species committing murders,
suicides, thefts and other sorts of crime caused by certain motivations; perceived or not

In this half-hour anthology series, master of the macabre Alfred Hitchcock introduces and concludes tales of suspense and crime
Hitchcock's speeches are filled with black humor and jabs at his network sponsors
In 1962, the series expanded to an hour and was renamed The Alfred Hitchcock Hour


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