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complete TV series 1971-1972 | status: cancelled/ended | wide screen mode


S01E01 Wanna Buy A Television Series [Pilot Episode]

S01E02 A Page Before Dying
S01E03 Buried In The Cold Cold Ground
S01E04 A Deadly Line in Digits

S01E05 Variations on a Theme
S01E06 As Easy as A.B.C
S01E07 To Russia with..Panache
S01E08 A Red Red Rose Forever

S01E09 All That Glisters...Part One
S01E10 All That Glisters...Part Two
S01E11 Flamingoes Only Fly on Tuesdays

S01E12 Toki
S01E13 The Constance Missal
S01E14 Uneasy Lies the Head
S01E15 Nadine

S01E16 A Kiss for a Beautiful Killer
S01E17 If It's Got to Go - It's Got to Go
S01E18 A Thin Band of Air

S01E19 It's Too Bad About Auntie
S01E20 The Stones of Venice
S01E21 A Royal Flush
S01E22 Every Picture Tells a Story

S01E23 Chapter One: The Company I Keep
S01E24 Zenia
S01E25 An Author in Search of Two Characters

S01E26 That Isn't Me, It's Somebody Else

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