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complete TV series 1957-1961 | best viewed in full screen | high definition b/w


S01E01 Presenting Senor Zorro

S01E02 Zorro's Secret Passage

S01E03 Zorro Rides to the Mission

S01E04 The Ghost of the Mission

S01E05 Zorro's Romance

S01E03 The Curse of Rapkyn

S01E06 Zorro Saves a Friend

S01E07 Monastario Sets a Trap

S01E08 Zorro's Ride Into Terror

S01E09 A Fair Trial

S01E10 Garcia's Secret Mission

S01E11 Double Trouble for Zorro

S01E12 Zorro, Luckiest Swordsman Alive

S01E13 The Fall of Monastario

S01E14 Shadow of Doubt

S01E15 Garcia Stands Accused

S01E16 Slaves of the Eagle

S01E17 Sweet Face of Danger

S01E18 Zorro Fights His Father

S01E19 Death Stacks the Deck

S01E20 Agent of the Eagle

S01E21 Zorro Springs a Trap

S01E22 The Unmasking of Zorro

S01E23 The Secret of the Sierra

S01E24 The New Commandante

S01E25 The Fox and the Coyote

S01E26 Adios, Senor Magistrado

S01E27 The Eagle's Brood

S01E28 Zorro by Proxy

S01E29 Quintana Makes a Choice

S01E30 Zorro Lights a Fuse

S01E31 The Man with the Whip

S01E32 The Cross of the Andes

S01E33 The Deadly Bolas

S01E34 The Well of Death

S01E35 The Tightening Noose

S01E36 The Sergeant Regrets

S01E37 The Eagle Leaves the Nest

S01E38 Bernardo Faces Death

S01E39 The Eagle's Flight


S02E01 Welcome to Monterey

S02E02 Zorro Rides Alone

S02E03 Horse of Another Color

S02E04 The Senorita Makes a Choice

S02E05 Rendezvous at Sundown

S02E06 The New Order

S02E07 An Eye for an Eye

S02E08 Zorro and the Flag of Truce

S02E09 Ambush

S02E10 The Practical Joker

S02E11 The Flaming Arrow

S02E12 Zorro Fights a Duel

S02E13 Amnesty for Zorro

S02E14 The Runaways

S02E15 The Iron Box

S02E16 The Gay Caballero

S02E17 Tornado is Missing

S02E18 Zorro Versus Cupid

S02E19 The Legend of Zorro

S02E20 Spark of Revenge

S02E21 The Missing Father

S02E22 Please Believe Me

S02E23 The Brooch

S02E24 Zorro and the Mountain Man

S02E25 The Hound of the Sierras

S02E26 Manhunt

S02E27 The Man from Spain

S02E28 Treasure for the King

S02E29 Exposing the Tyrant

S02E30 Zorro Takes a Dare

S02E31 An Affair of Honor

S02E32 The Sergeant Sees Red

S02E33 Invitation to Death

S02E34 The Captain Regrets

S02E35 Masquerade for Murder

S02E36 Long Live the Governor

S02E37 The Fortune Teller

S02E38 Senor China Boy

S02E39 Finders Keepers

S02E40 El Bandido

S02E41 Adios, El Cuchillo

S02E42 The Postponed Wedding

S02E43 Auld Acquaintance

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