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S01E00 Chariots, Gods and Beyond

S01E01 The Evidence
S01E02 The Visitors
S01E03 The Mission
S01E04 Closer Encounters
S01E05 The Return

S02E01 Mysterious Places
S02E02 Gods & Aliens
S02E03 Underwater Worlds
S02E04 Underground Aliens

S02E05 Aliens and the Third Reich
S02E06 Alien Tech
S02E07 Angels and Aliens
S02E08 Unexplained Structures

S02E09 Alien Devastations
S02E10 Alien Contacts

S03E01 Aliens and the Old West
S03E02 Aliens and Monsters
S03E03 Aliens and Sacred Places

S03E04 Aliens and the Temples of Gold
S03E05 Aliens and Mysterious Rituals
S03E06 Aliens and Ancient Engineers

S03E07 Aliens, Plagues and Epidemics
S03E08 Aliens and Lost Worlds
S03E09 Aliens and Deadly Weapons

S03E10 Aliens and Evil Places
S03E11 Aliens and the Founding Fathers
S03E12 Aliens and Deadly Cults

S03E13 Aliens and the Secret Code
S03E14 Aliens and the Undead
S03E15 Aliens, Gods and Heroes

S03E16 Aliens and the Creation of Man

S04E01 The Mayan Conspiracy
S04E02 The Doomsday Prophecies
S04E03 The Greys
S04E04 Aliens and Mega-Disasters

S04E05 The NASA Connection
S04E06 The Mystery of Puma Punku
S04E07 Aliens and Bigfoot

S04E08 The Da Vinci Conspiracy
S04E09 The Time Travelers
S04E10 Aliens and Dinosaurs

Wordt vervolgd, to be continued....

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