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complete TV series 1960-1965 | black/white | wide screen mode aka half screen

S01E01 Urge to Kill
S01E02 Clue Of The Twisted Candle
S01E03The Man Who Was Nobody

S01E04 Marriage Of Convenience
S01E05 The Malpas Mystery
S01E06 Clue Of The New Pin
S01E07 Partners In Crime

S02E01 The Fourth Square
S02E02 The Man At The Carlton Tower
S02E03 Clue Of The Silver Key
S02E04 Attempt to Kill

S02E05 Man Detained
S02E06 Never Back Losers
S02E07 The Sinister Man
S02E08 Backfire

S02E09 Candidate for Murder
S02E10 The Share Out
S02E11 Flat Two

S03E01 Number Six
S03E02 Time To Remember
S03E03 Locker 69
S03E04 Playback
S03E05 Solo For Sparrow

S03E06 Death Trap

S04E01 The Set Up
S04E02 The 20000 Pound Kiss
S04E03 Incident At Midnight
S04E04 On The Run

S04E05 Return To Sender
S04E06 Ricochet
S04E07 The Double
S04E08 The Rivals
S04E09 To Have And To Hold

S05E01 The Partner
S05E02 Accidental Death
S05E03 Five To One
S05E04 Downfall
S05E05 The Verdict

S05E06 We Shall See
S05E07 Act of Murder
S05E08 Face Of A Stranger
S05E09 Never Mention Murder

S05E10 The Main Chance

S06E01 Game For Three Losers
S06E02 Change Partners
S06E03 Strangler's Web
S06E04 Dead Man's Chest

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