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TV series 1964-1968 | ongesorteerde afleveringen, random episodes/mashup | wide screen mode aka half screen | season 1 b/w

S01E01 Eleven Days to Zero

S01E02 The City Beneath the Sea

S01E03 The Fear-Makers

S01E04 The Mist of Silence

S01E05 The Price of Doom

S01E06 The Sky is Falling
S01E07 Turn Back the Clock
S01E08 The Village of Guilt
S01E12 No Way Out

S01E14 The Ghost of Moby Dick

S01E15 Long Live the King

S01E16 Hail to the Chief

S01E17 The Last Battle

S01E18 Mutiny

S01E21 The Indestructible Man

S01E24 The Saboteur

S01E30 The Secret of the Loch

S01E31 The Condemned

S02E09 The Peacemaker
02E10 The Silent Saboteurs
S03E23 Doomsday Island
S02E11 The X Factor
S04E17 Nightmare

S03E03 The Day the World Ended
S04E08 Time Lock
S02E03 ...And Five of Us Are Left

Wordt vervolgd, to be continued....

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A highly advanced nuclear-powered submarine cruises the seas, encountering an array of exotic
and lethal menaces
Based on the 1961 film
* Genre(s): Drama, Science Fiction
Season 01 black/white, Seasons 02, 03, 04 color





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