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TV mini-series | high definition

S01E01 Accused of treachery, Ivanhoe returns from the Crusades to redeem his name, reclaim his inheritance and win the
              hand of Rowena, now betrothed to Saxon prince Athelstane

S01E02 Ivanhoe, back from the Crusades, vows to clear his name
              Only his beloved Rowena and servant Gurth know of his return
              Now the disgraced knight bares his soul to uphold Saxon honour agnst the Normans at the tournament

S01E03 Ivanhoe has triumphed at the tournament and is now recovering in the care of Rebecca, who makes not secret of her
             feelings for him
             There is much planning over the hand of Rowena

S01E04 Wamba enters Torquilstone as a priest to help Cedric escape
              Locksley and the Outlaws lay siege to the castle which is set alight
              Bois-Guilbert and Rebecca flee to Templestowe, while Ivanhoe and Isaac are rescued

S01E05 Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert has fallen in love with Rebecca
              The Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Lucas de Beaumanoir, is consumed with anger and sends her to trial as a witch,
              her life is at stake if Ivanhoe does not hear of her plight

S01E06 The Knights Templar condemn Rebecca to be burnt at the stake but Ivanhoe champions her against Bois-Guilbert
              Athelstane comes to life at his funeral, Rowena marries Ivanhoe, while Richard and John are reconciled


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