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complete TV series 1967-1970 | high definition | status: cancelled/ended


Dragnet S00E01 Pilot (1966)

S01E01 The Big LSD

S01E02 The Big Explosion

S01E03 The Big Kidnapping

S01E04 The Big Interrogation

S01E05 The Big Masked Bandits

S01E06 The Big Bank Examiners

S01E07 The Big Hammer

S01E08 The Big Candy Story

S01E09 The Big Fur Burglary

S01E10 The Big Jade

S01E11 The Big Shooting

S01E12 The Big Accident

S01E13 The Big Bookie

S01E14 The Big Subscription Racket

S01E15 The Big Gun

S01E16 The Big Kids

S01E17 The Big Bullet


S02E01 The Grenade

S02E02 The Shooting Board

S02E03 The Badge Racket

S02E04 The Bank Jobs

S02E05 The Big Neighbor

S02E06 The Big Frustration

S02E07 The Senior Citizen

S02E08 The Big High

S02E09 The Big Ad

S02E10 The Missing Realtor

S02E11 The Big Dog

S02E12 The Pyramid Swindle

S02E13 The Phony Police Racket

S02E14 The Trial Board

S02E15 The Christmas Story

S02E16 The Big Shipment

S02E17 The Big Search

S02E18 The Big Prophet

S02E19 The Big Amateur

S02E20 The Starlet

S02E21 The Big Clan

S02E22 The Little Victim

S02E23 The Squeeze

S02E24 The Suicide Attempt

S02E25 The Big Departure

S02E26 The Investigation

S02E27 The Big Gambler

S02E28 The Big Problem


S03E01 Public Affairs - DR-07

S03E02 Juvenile - DR-05

S03E03 Community Relations - DR-10

S03E04 Management Services - DR-11

S03E05 Police Commission - DR-13

S03E06 Homicide - DR-06

S03E07 Robbery - DR-15

S03E08 Public Affairs - DR-12

S03E09 Training - DR-18

S03E10 Public Affairs - DR-14

S03E11 Narcotics - DR-16

S03E12 Internal Affairs - DR-20

S03E13 Community Relations - DR-17

S03E14 Homicide - DR-22

S03E15 B.O.D. - DR-27

S03E16 Narcotics - DR-21

S03E17 Administrative Vice - DR-29

S03E18 The Joy Riders

S03E19 Frauds - DR-28

S03E20 Juvenile - DR-19

S03E21 Burglary - DR-31

S03E22 Vice - DR-30

S03E23 Forgery - DR-33

S03E24 Juvenile - DR-32

S03E25 Juvenile - DR-35

S03E26 Frauds - DR-36

S03E27 Intelligence - DR-34


S04E01 Personnel - The Shooting

S04E02 Homicide - The Student

S04E03 S.I.U. - The Ring

S04E04 D.H.Q. - Medical

S04E05 Burglary - Mister

S04E06 Juvenile - The Little Pusher

S04E07 Homicide - Cigarette Butt

S04E08 D.H.Q. - Missing Person

S04E09 Burglary Auto - Courtroom

S04E10 Internal Affairs - Parolee

S04E11 Burglary Auto - Juvenile Genius

S04E12 Bunco - $9,000

S04E13 Narco - Missing Hype

S04E14 Burglary - Helpful Woman

S04E15 Homicide - Who Killed Who?

S04E16 Homicide - Burglary - The Son

S04E17 A.I.D. - The Weekend

S04E18 Narco - Pill Maker

S04E19 Burglary - The Dognappers

S04E20 Missing Persons - The Body

S04E21 Forgery - The Ranger

S04E22 D.H.Q. - Night School

S04E23 I.A.D. - The Receipt

S04E24 Robbery - The Harassing Wife

S04E25 Burglary - Baseball

S04E26 D.H.Q. - The Victims

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