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complete TV series 1970-1971 | comedy, fantasy | wide screen mode aka half screen | status: cancelled/ended


S01E01 The Sun in a Bottle
S01E02 Castle Saburac
S01E03 The Curse of Rapkyn
S01E04 The Witching Hour
S01E05 The Eye of Time

S01E06 The Magic Face
S01E07 The Telling Bone
S01E08 The Power of Adamcos
S01E09 The Demi Devil
S01E10 The House of the Sorcerer

S01E11 The Flying Broomsticks
S01E12 The Wisdom of Solomon
S01E13 The Trickery Lantern


S02E01 The Magic Riddle
S02E02 Duck Halt
S02E03 The Heavenly Twins
S02E04 The Sign of the Crab
S02E05 The Black Wheels

S02E06 The Wogle Stone
S02E07 The Enchanted King
S02E08 The Familiar Spirit
S02E09 The Ghost Hunters
S02E10 The Walking Trees

S02E11 The Battle of the Giants
S02E12 The Magic Circle
S02E13 The Thirteenth Sign

brief summary:
A time-travelling Anglo-Saxon wizard (Catweazle) finds himself transported to the present day when one of his magical spells goes wrong


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