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TV series 1959-1973 | high definition | wide screen mode aka half screen


S01E01 A Rose for Lotta

S01E02 Death on Sun Mountain

S01E03 The Newcomers

S01E04 The Paiute War

S01E05 Enter Mark Twain

S01E06 The Julia Bulette Story
S01E07 The Saga of Annie O'Toole
S01E08 The Phillip Diedesheimer Story

S01E09 Mr. Henry Comstock
S01E10 The Magnificent Adah
S01E11 The Truckee Strip
S01E12 The Hanging Posse

S01E13 Vendetta
S01E14 The Sisters
S01E15 The Last Hunt
S01E16 El Toro Grande
S01E17 The Outcast

S01E18 A House Divided
S01E19 The Gunmen
S01E20 The Fear Merchants
S01E21 The Spanish Grant

S01E22 Blood on the Land
S01E23 Desert Justice
S01E24 The Stranger
S01E25 Escape to Ponderosa


S02E12 The Savage

Wordt vervolgd, to be continued....

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