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         TV series 1962-1971 | western, drama | status: cancelled/ended
          sixties NTSC (US) converted to PAL (EU) not yet remastered/digitally restored


S01E01 The Executioners

S01E02 Woman from White Wing

S01E03 Throw a Long Rope

S01E04 The Big Deal

S01E05 The Brazen Bell

S01E06 Big Day, Great Day

S01E07 Riff-Raff

S01E08 Impasse

S01E09 It Tolls for Thee

S01E10 West

S01E11 The Devil's Children

S01E12 Fifty Days to Moose Jaw

S01E13 The Accomplice

S01E14 Man from the Sea

S01E15 Duel at Shiloh

S01E16 The Exiles

S01E17 The Judgment
S01E18 Say Goodbye to All That
S01E19 The Man Who Couldn't Die
S01E20 If You Have Tears

S01E21 The Small Parade

S01E22 Vengeance is the Spur

S01E23 The Money Cage

S01E24 The Golden Door

S01E25 A Distant Fury

S01E26 Echo of Another Day
S01E27 Strangers at Sundown
S01E28 The Mountain of the Sun
S01E29 Run Away Home
S01E30 The Final Hour


S02E01 Ride a Dark Trail

S02E02 To Make This Place Remember

S02E03 No Tears for Savannah

S02E04 A Killer in Town

S02E05 The Evil That Men Do

S02E06 It Takes a Big Man

S02E07 Brother Thaddeus

S02E08 A Portrait of Marie Valonne

S02E09 Run Quiet

S02E10 Stopover in a Western Town

S02E11 The Fatal Journey

S02E12 A Time Remembered

S02E13 Siege

S02E14 Man of Violence

S02E15 The Invaders

S02E16 Roar from the Mountain

S02E17 The Fortunes of J. Jimerson Jones

S02E18 The Thirty Days of Gavin Heath

S02E19 The Drifter

S02E20 First to Thine Own Self

S02E21 A Matter of Destiny

S02E22 Smile of a Dragon

S02E23 The Intruders

S02E24 Another's Footsteps

S02E25 Rope of Lies

S02E26 The Secret of Brynmar Hall

S02E27 The Long Quest

S02E28 A Bride for Lars

S02E29 Dark Destiny

S02E30 A Man Called Kane


S03E01 Ryker

S03E02 Dark Challenge

S03E03 The Stallion

S03E04 The Hero

S03E05 Felicity's Spring

S03E06 The Brazos Kid

S03E07 Big Image... Little Man

S03E08 A Father for Toby

S03E09 The Girl from Yesterday

S03E10 Return a Stranger

S03E11 All Nice and Legal

S03E12 A Gallows for Sam Horn

S03E13 Portrait of a Widow

S03E14 The Payment

S03E15 A Man of the People

S03E16 The Hour of the Tiger

S03E17 Two Men Named Laredo

S03E18 Hideout

S03E19 Six Graves at Cripple Creek

S03E20 Lost Yesterday

S03E21 A Slight Case of Charity

S03E22 You Take the High Road

S03E23 Shadows of the Past

S03E24 Legend for a Lawman

S03E25 Timberland

S03E26 Dangerous Road

S03E27 Farewell to Honesty

S03E28 Old Cowboy

S03E29 The Showdown

S03E30 We've Lost a Train

Wordt vervolgd, to be continued....

brief summary:
This western is set on the Shiloh Ranch in Medicine Bow, Wyoming, the foreman is known only as 'The Virginian' and his impulsive young friend is
Trampas who together star in this story

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