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TV series 1990-1995 | comedy | high definition | status: cancelled/ended | 15 eps

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S01E01 Mr. Bean

S01E02 The Return of Mr. Bean

S01E03 The Curse of Mr. Bean

S01E04 Mr. Bean Goes to Town

S01E05 The Trouble with Mr. Bean

S01E06 Mr. Bean Rides Again

S01E07 Merry Christmas Mr. Bean

S01E08 Mr. Bean in Room 426

S01E09 Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean

S01E10 Mind the Baby, Mr. Bean

S01E11 Back to School Mr. Bean

S01E12 Tee Off, Mr. Bean

S01E13 Goodnight, Mr. Bean

S01E14 Hair by Mr. Bean of London

S01E15 The Best Bits of Mr Bean



S00E04 The Story of Bean

Mr. Beans Holiday (2007)
Bean (1997)

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brief summary:

The series follows the exploits of Mr.Bean, he hardly talks, but words are not needed
Everything he does is funny
From playing golf, going to the dentist, and going to church
He has a stuffed bear named Teddy that he carries around with him all the time



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