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TV series 1960-1966 | animated, comedy | status: cancelled/ended


S01E01 The Flintstone Flyer

S01E02 Hot Lips Hannigan

S01E03 The Swimming Pool

S01E04 No Help Wanted

S01E05 The Split Personality

S01E06 The Monster from the Tar Pits
S01E07 The Babysitters
S01E08 At the Races
S01E09 The Engagement Ring

S01E10 Hollyrock, Here I Come

S01E11 The Golf Champion

S01E12 The Sweepstakes Ticket

S01E13 The Drive-In

S01E14 The Prowler

S01E15 The Girls Night Out

S01E16 Arthur Quarry's Dance Class

S01E17 The Big Bank Robbery

S01E18 The Snorkasaurus Hunter

S01E19 The Hot Piano

S01E20 The Hypnotist

S01E21 Love Letters on the Rocks

S01E22 The Tycoon

S01E23 The Astra' Nuts

S01E24 The Long, Long Weekend
S01E25 In the Dough
S01E26 The Good Scout
S01E27 Rooms for Rent

S01E28 Fred Flintstone: Before and After


S02E01 The Hit Song Writers

S02E02 Droop Along Flintstone

S02E03 The Missing Bust

S02E04 Alvin Brickrock Presents

S02E05 Fred Flintstone Woos Again

S02E06 The Rock Quarry Story

S02E07 The Soft Touchables

S02E08 Flintstone of Prinstone

S02E09 The Little White Lie

S02E10 Social Climbers

S02E11 The Beauty Contest

S02E12 The Masquerade Ball

S02E13 The Picnic

S02E14 The House Guest

S02E15 The X-Ray Story

S02E16 The Gambler

S02E17 A Star is Almost Born

S02E18 The Entertainer

S02E19 Wilma's Vanishing Money
S02E20 Feudin' and Fussin'
S02E21 Impractical Joker
S02E22 Operation Barney

S02E23 The Happy Household

S02E24 Fred Strikes Out

S02E25 This is Your Lifesaver

S02E26 Trouble-in-Law

S02E27 The Mailman Cometh

S02E28 The Rock Vegas Story
S02E29 Divided We Sail
S02E30 Kleptomaniac Caper
S02E31 Latin Lover

S02E32 Take Me Out to the Ball Game


S03E01 Dino Goes Hollyrock

S03E02 Fred's New Boss

S03E03 Barney the Invisible

S03E04 Bowling Ballet

S03E05 The Twitch

S03E06 Here's Snow in Your Eyes
S03E07 The Buffalo Convention
S03E08 The Little Stranger
S03E09 Baby Barney

S03E10 Hawaiian Escapade

S03E11 Ladies Day

S03E12 Nuttin' But the Tooth

S03E13 High School Fred

S03E14 Dial 'S' for Suspicion

S03E15 Flash Gun Freddie
S03E16 The Kissing Burglar
S03E17 Wilma, the Maid
S03E18 The Hero
S03E19 The Surprise

S03E20 Mother-in-Law's Visit

S03E21 Foxy Grandma

S03E22 Fred's New Job

S03E23 The Blessed Event

S03E24 Carry on, Nurse Fred

S03E25 Ventriloquist Barney

S03E26 The Big Move

S03E27 Swedish Visitors

S03E28 The Birthday Party

Wordt vervolgd, to be continued....


brief summary:

Join the fun in the town of Bedrock with the this fabulously famous modern Stone-Age family
Mowing the lawn with a saw-toothed dinosaur, showering with water sprayed from a woolly mammoth's trunk and eating brontosaurus burgers are
everyday events for the lovable Fred and Wilma Flintstone and their friends Barney and Betty Rubble
Living in prehistoric times has its drawbacks, but the Flintstones and their neighbors survive in style
So have a yabba-dabba-doo time with the The Flintstones


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