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1 episode 10-12 min. = 2-3 parts

S01E01 Curse of the Monkeybird/Deflating Planet/Harm Wrestling
S01E02 Big League Beast/Mini Elmer/Firehouse Frenzy

S01E03 Boo! AppeTweet/Plunger/Bubble Dum

S01E04 Pain in the Ice/Tunnel Vision/Pool Bunny

S01E05 Pest Coaster/Rhino Ya Don't

S01E06 Buzzard School/Giant Alien Mouth/Wet Cement
S01E07 Siberian Sam/Fishing Pole/Fleece & Desist/Split Screen Marvin

S01E08 Grilled Rabbit/Cactus if you Can/Shower Shuffle
S01E09 Overdue Duck/Bees/Vincent Van Fudd

S01E10 Hare Restoration/TNT Trouble/Plumber's Quack

S01E11 Elf Help/Holiday Taz/Holiday Purrchase/Ho Ho Go/Snow Laughing Matter

S01E12 Daffucino/Moving Hole/Kitty Livin
S01E13 Chain Gangsters/Sylvester Cat Jack Lift/Falling for It

S01E14 Taziator/Little Martian/Climate Control
S01E15 Lepreconned/Flag Won't Stay Straight/Brave New Home

S01E16 The Case of Porky's Pants/Fully Vetted
S01E17 Erabbitcator/Planet Split in 2/Salesduck

S01E18 Pitcher Porky/Cherry Picker/Duck Duck Boom!
S01E19 Postalgeist/Anvil/Fudds Bunny

S01E20 Shoe Shine-nanigans/Multiply and Conquer/Parky Pig
S01E21 Shell Shocked/The Daffy Dentist


S02E01 Red, White and Bruised/Beaky Buzzard Gags: Bunny/Jet Porkpelled

S02E02 Mummy Dummy/Telephone Pole Gags 2: Shrinking Telephone Pole/In The Road Again

S02E03 Emotional Support Duck/End of the Leash Gags: Tennis/Adopt Me
S02E04 Rage Rover/To Hive and to Hold/Battle Stations

S02E05 Bone Head/Relax
S02E06 Rotund Rabbit/Hog Wash
S02E07 Nip and Duck/Telephone Pole Gag 2: Circular Fan/Asphalt and Battery

S02E08 Battle of the Bunk End of the Leash Gag: Pull the Carpet Out/Hot Air Buffoon
S02E09 Basketbugs/A Skate of Confusion!

S02E10 Mt. Neverest/Telephone Pole Gag: Zip Line/Fast & Steady
S02E11 Back to School Special


S03E01 Sam-merica/Put the Cat Out - Door Spin/BBQ Bandit

S03E02 Happy Birdy to You/Daffy Psychic: New Love/Spring Forward, Fall Flat

S03E03 Frame the Feline/Daffy Traffic Cop Stop: Boating License/Unlucky Strikes
S03E04 Cro-Mag Numb Skulls/Trophy Hunter

S03E05 Bathy Daffy/End of the Leash: Bullseye Painting/Rabbit Sandwich Maker/Put the Cat Out: Window

S03E06 Pardon the Garden/Put the Cat Out: Flat on the Door/Downward Duck

S03E07 Lesson Plan 9 from Outer Space/Balloon Salesman: Baboon/Portal Kombat

S03E08 Virtual Mortality/Daffy Traffic Cop Stop: Lions/Miner Threat
S03E09 Fowl Ploy/Sword Loser


S04E01 Ring Master Disaster/Put the Cat Out: Eyeball/The Pain Event
S04E02 Drum Schtick!/Frisbee/Beast A-Birdin

S04E03 Blunder Arrest/Airplane Stairs/Cymbal Minded
S04E04 Hook Line and Stinker!/Balloon Salesman: Everything Pops/Don't Treadmill on Me

S04E05 Stained by Me/Pilgwim's Pwogwess
S04E06 Hideout Hare/Daffy Magician: An Ordinary Mop

S04E07 Booby Prize/Pea Shooter/Porky's Head
S04E08 Grand Canyon Canary/Hole in Dumb
S04E09 Funeral for a Fudd/Love Goat

S04E10 Practical Jerk/Bottoms Up

          720p/1080p high definition | full screen knop wordt na start rechts onderaan zichtbaar | click n' play server cluster
                                 non-stop Looney Tunes Cartoons | some compilations up to 4-5 hours


Looney Tunes Compilation 1
Looney Tunes Compilation 2
Looney Tunes Compilation 3
Looney Tunes Compilation 4

Wordt vervolgd, to be continued....


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