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TV series 1976-1978 | ongesorteerde afleveringen, random episodes | high definition | full screen mode | some in CinemaScope


S01E12 There's a Demon Shark in the Froggy Dark
S01E14 The Ghost That Sacked the Quaterback

S01E15 The Ghost of The Bad Humor Man
S01E16 The Spirits of '76

S02E01 The Curse of the Viking Lake
S02E02 Vampire Bats and Scaredy Cats
S02E03 Hang in There, Scooby-Doo

S02E04 The Chiller Diller Movie Theater
S02E05 The Spooky Case of the Grand Prix Race
S02E06 The Ozark Witch Switch

S02E08 The Creepy Heap from the Deep

S03E02 A Creepy Tangle in the Bermuda Triangle
S03E03 A Scary Night With a Snow Beast Fright

S03E04 To Switch a Witch
S03E05 The Tar Monster
S03E06 A Highland Fling with a Monstrous Thing

S03E07 The Creepy Case of Old Iron Face
S03E08 Jeepers It's the Jaguaro
S03E09 Make A Beeline Away From That Feline

S03E11 The Diabolical Disc Demon
S03E12 Scooby's Chinese Fortune Kooky Caper
S03E13 A Menace in Venice

S03E14 Don't Go Near the Fortress of Fear
S03E15 The Warlock of Wimbledon

S03E16 The Beast is Awake at Bottomless Lake

Wordt vervolgd, to be continued....

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