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TV series 1962-1969 | crime, action, espionage, drama | status: cancelled/ended


S01E01 The Talented Husband

S01E02 The Latin Touch

S01E03 The Careful Terrorist

S01E04 The Covetous Headsman

S01E05 The Loaded Tourist

S01E06 The Pearls of Peace

S01E07 The Arrow of God

S01E08 The Element of Doubt

S01E09 The Effete Angler

S01E10 The Golden Journey

S01E11 The Man Who Was Lucky

S01E12 The Charitable Countess


S02E01 The Fellow Traveller

S02E02 Starring the Saint

S02E03 Judith

S02E04 Teresa

S02E05 The Elusive Ellshaw

S02E06 Marcia

S02E07 The Work of Art

S02E08 Iris

S02E09 The King of the Beggars

S02E10 The Rough Diamonds

S02E11 The Saint Plays with Fire

S02E12 The Well Meaning Mayor

S02E13 The Sporting Chance

S02E14 The Bunco Artists

S02E15 The Benevolent Burglary

S02E16 The Wonderful War

S02E17 The Noble Sportsman

S02E18 The Romantic Matron

S02E19 Luella

S02E20 The Lawless Lady

S02E21 The Good Medicine

S02E22 The Invisible Millionaire

S02E23 The High Fence

S02E24 Sophia

S02E25 The Gentle Ladies

S02E26 The Ever-Loving Spouse

S02E27 The Saint Sees It Through


S03E01 The Miracle Tea Party

S03E02 Lida

S03E03 Jeannine

S03E04 The Scorpion

S03E05 The Revolution Racket

S03E06 The Saint Steps In

S03E07 The Loving Brothers

S03E08 The Man Who Liked Toys

S03E09 The Death Penalty

S03E10 The Imprudent Politician

S03E11 The Hi-Jackers

S03E12 The Unkind Philanthropist

S03E13 The Damsel in Distress

S03E14 The Contract

S03E15 The Set-Up

S03E16 The Rhine Maiden

S03E17 The Inescapable Word

S03E18 The Sign of the Claw

S03E19 The Golden Frog
S03E20 The Frightened Inn-Keeper
S03E21 Sibao
S03E22 The Crime of the Century
S03E23 The Happy Suicide


S04E01 The Checkered Flag
S04E02 The Abductors
S04E03 The Crooked Ring
S04E04 The Smart Detective

S04E05 The Persistent Parasites
S04E06 The Man Who Could Not Die
S04E07 The Saint Bids Diamonds
S04E08 The Spanish Cow

S04E09 The Old Treasure Story


S05E01 The Queen's Ransom

S05E02 Interlude in Venice

S05E03 The Russian Prisoner

S05E04 The Reluctant Revolution

S05E05 The Helpful Pirate

S05E06 The Convenient Monster

S05E07 The Angel's Eye

S05E08 The Man Who Liked Lions

S05E09 The Better Mouse Trap

S05E10 Little Girl Lost

S05E11 Paper Chase

S05E12 Locate and Destroy

S05E13 Flight Plan

S05E14 Escape Route

S05E15 The Persistent Patriots

S05E16 The Fast Women

S05E17 The Death Game

S05E18 The Art Collectors

S05E19 To Kill a Saint

S05E20 The Counterfeit Countess

S05E21 Simon and Delilah

S05E22 Island of Chance

S05E23 The Gadget Lovers

S05E24 A Double in Diamonds

S05E25 The Power Artists

S05E26 When Spring Is Sprung

S05E27 The Gadic Collection


S06E01 The Best Laid Schemes

S06E02 Invitation to Danger

S6E03 Legacy for the Saint

S06E04 The Desperate Diplomat

S06E05 The Organisation Man
S06E06 The Double Take
S06E07 The Time to Die
S06E08 The Master Plan

S6E09 The House on Dragon's Rock

S06E10 The Scales of Justice

S06E11 The Fiction-Makers (1)

S6E12 The Fiction-Makers (2)

S6E13 The People Importers

S06E14 Where the Money Is

S6E15 Vendetta for the Saint (1)

S6E16 Vendetta for the Saint (2)

S6E17 The Ex-King of Diamonds

S6E18 The Man Who Gambled with Life

S6E19 Portrait of Brenda

S06E20 The World Beater

brief summary:

Simon Templar is... The Saint!
A gentleman adventurer, Simon travels around the world living the life of a wealthy playboy
He's made his money by taking cash from the unsaintly--criminals--and giving much of it back to their victims while keeping a bit for himself
This modern-day Robin Hood takes on criminals, spies, and conmen of all varieties


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