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complete TV series 1989-1996 | drama, science fiction | high definition

S01E01 The Man Who Was Death
S01E02 And All Through the House
S01E03 Only Dig That Cat...He's Real Gone

S01E04 Only Sin Deep
S01E05 Lover Come Hack to Me
S01E06 Collection Completed

S02E01 Dead Right
S02E02 The Switch
S02E03 Cutting Cards
S02E04 'Til Death
S02E05 Three's a Crowd

S02E06 The Thing from the Grave
S02E07 The Sacrifice
S02E08 For Cryin' Out Loud
S02E09 Four-Sided Triangle

S02E10 The Ventriloquist's Dummy
S02E11 Judy, You're Not Yourself Today
S02E12 Fitting Punishment

S02E13 Korman's Kalamity
S02E14 Lower Berth
S02E15 Mute Witness to Murder
S02E16 Television Terror

S02E17 My Brother's Keeper
S02E18 The Secret

S03E01 Loved to Death
S03E02 Carrion Death
S03E03 The Trap
S03E04 Abra Cadaver
S03E05 Top Billing

S03E06 Dead Wait
S03E07 The Reluctant Vampire
S03E08 Easel Kill Ya
S03E09 Undertaking Palor
S03E10 Mournin' Mess

S03E11 Split Second
S03E12 Deadline
S03E13 Spoiled
S03E14 Yellow

S04E01 None But the Lonely Heart
S04E02 This'll Kill Ya
S04E03 On a Deadman's Chest
S04E04 Seance

S04E05 Beauty Rest
S04E06 What's Cookin'
S04E07 The New Arrival
S04E08 Showdown
S04E09 King of the Road

S04E10 Maniac at Large
S04E11 Split Personality
S04E12 Strung Along
S04E13 Werewolf Concerto
S04E14 Curiosity Killed

S05E01 Death of Some Salesmen
S05E02 As Ye Sow
S05E03 Forever Ambergris
S05E04 Food for Thought

S05E05 People Who Live in Brass Hearses
S05E06 Two for the Show
S05E07 House of Horror

S05E08 Well Cooked Hams
S05E09 Creep Course
S05E10 Came the Dawn
S05E11 Oil's Well That Ends Well

S05E12 Half-Way Horrible
S05E13 Till Death Do We Part

S06E01 Let the Punishment Fit the Crime
S06E02 Only Skin Deep
S06E03 Whirlpool
S06E04 Operation Friendship

S06E05 Revenge Is the Nuts
S06E06 The Bribe
S06E07 The Pit
S06E08 The Assassin
S06E09 Staired in Horror

S06E10 In the Groove
S06E11 Surprise Party
S06E12 Doctor of Horror
S06E13 Comes the Dawn

S06E14 99 & 44/100% Pure Horror
S06E15 You, Murderer

S07E01 Fatal Caper
S07E02 Last Respects
S07E03 A Slight Case of Murder
S07E04 Escape
S07E05 Horror in the Night

S07E06 Cold War
S07E07 Kidnapper
S07E08 Report from the Grave
S07E09 Smoke Wrings
S07E10 About Face

S07E11 Confession
S07E12 Ear Today... Gone Tomorrow
S07E13 The Third Pig

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