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complete TV series 1997-2002 | wide screen mode aka half screen

S01E01+S01E02 (Pilot) I Worship His Shadow + Supernova

S01E03 Eating Pattern
S01E04 GigaShadow

S02E01 Mantrid
S02E02 Terminal
S02E03 Lyekka
S02E04 Luvliner
S02E05 Lafftrak
S02E06 Stan's Trial
S02E07 Love Grows

S02E08 White Trash
S02E09 791
S02E10 Wake the Dead
S02E11 Nook
S02E12 Norb
S02E13 Twilight
S02E14 Patches In The Sky

S02E15 Woz
S02E16 The Web
S02E17 The Net
S02E18 Brigadoom
S02E19 Brizon
S02E20 End of the Universe

S03E01 Fire and Water
S03E02 May
S03E03 Gametown
S03E04 Boomtown
S03E05 Gondola
S03E06 K-Town
S03E07 Tunnels

S03E08 The Key
S03E09 Garden
S03E10 Battle
S03E11 Girltown
S03E12 The Beach
S03E13 Heaven & Hell

S04E01 Little Blue Planet
S04E02 Texx Lexx
S04E03 P4X
S04E04 Stan Down
S04E05 Xevivor
S04E06 The Rock
S04E07 Walpurgis Night

S04E08 Vlad
S04E09 Fluff Daddy
S04E10 Magic Baby
S04E11 A Midsummer's Nightmare
S04E12 Bad Carrot
S04E13 769

S04E14 Prime Ridge
S04E15 Mort
S04E16 Moss
S04E17 Dutch Treat
S04E18 The Game
S04E19 Haley's Comet
S04E20 Apocalexx Now

S04E21 Viva Lexx Vegas
S04E22 Trip
S04E23 Lyekka vs. Japan
S04E24 Yo Way Yo

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Genres: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Drama | Fantasy | Sci-Fi
Lexx (known in its first season in America as Tales from a Parallel Universe)

A group of disparate fugitives from an interplanetary tyranny find themselves in control of a massively powerful starship.




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