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complete TV series 1979-1981 | cancelled/ended

S01E01 Grantleigh
S01E02 All New Together
S01E03 Going to Church
S01E04 Nation's Heritage

S01E05 The Summer Hunt Ball
S01E06 Grape Vine
S01E07 A Touch of Class

S02E01 The New Farm Manager
S02E02 The Spare Room
S02E03 Never Be Alone
S02E04 Tramps and Poachers

S02E05 The Honours List
S02E06 Vive Le Sport

S03E01 New Scout Hut
S03E02 Station Closing
S03E03 Horses vs. Cars
S03E04 Birds vs. Bees
S03E05 Cosmetics

S03E06 Business Troubles
S03E07 The Wedding


S00E01 The First Noel

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